Sunday, February 22, 2009

Echo Alert [MP3]: Episode 2 - "The Target"

This week Andrew & Frank chat about episode 1.02 "The Target" and speculate about the introduction to what appears wil be the major story arc of Season 1, if not the entire series.

As you can see, we're experimenting with offering this week's episode in Enhanced AAC format as well. Do you prefer it that way? Let us know! Emails, Voicemails, comments here on the site, and Twitter @replies and Direct Messages are always appreciated!


  • 0:00 - Greetings
  • 1:37 - Dollhouse News
  • 5:02 - "The Target" Episode recap & discussion
  • 57:04 - Listener Feedback
  • 1:04:57 - Spoilers: "Stage Fright" trailer audio, FOX official description, promo pics, NYCC insider info, and speculation
[Length: 1:09:31]
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