Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Echo Alert [AAC]: Episode 6 - "Man on the Street"

This week on Echo Alert, Frank & Andrew are joined by their friends Ky & Faith of the Chic Geek Podcast to discuss the biggest Dollhouse episode yet: "Man on the Street"! This episode promised to be amazing, and it delivered on so many levels!

There were technical difficulties toward the end of the podcast, so please bear with us. Thanks!

Be sure to check out Faith & Ky on the Chic Geek Podcast at http://chicgeekpodcast.blogspot.com

[Length: 1:34:02]
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  1. yay! you played my voicemail! :D

  2. Just listened to the podcast...great show guys! I just recently joined the world in listening to podcasts and I have greatly enjoyed yours thus far. I look forward to hearing more and maybe even writing or calling in to voice my thoughts on the fabulous DOLLHOUSE


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