Friday, May 8, 2009

Echo Alert [MP3]: Episode 11 - "Briar Rose"

Dark forces were afoot before the recording of this episode. Final exams, multiple reschedulings, and internet connectivity issues couldn't stop Echo Alert from coming to you this week. Unfortunately, Frank had to record most of the show on his own, but toward the end Andrew was able to drop in and give his own thoughts on the PURE AWESOME that was "Briar Rose."

Remember to watch our live show tonight at 11pm EDT (8pm PDT) and again at 1am EDT (10pm PDT)!


  • 0:00 - Greetings
  • 01:55 - Echo Alert News
  • 03:53 - Dollhouse News
  • 05:44 - "Briar Rose" Episode Recap
  • 30:55 - Listener Feedback
  • 36:09 - SPOILERS: Season Finale "Omega" trailer audio, FOX official description, promo pics, speculation

[Length: 40:32]
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