Thursday, May 14, 2009

Echo Alert [MP3]: Episode 12 - "Omega"

Our live finale party podcast! This episode was recorded as Frank & Andrew broadcasted live on the web via Ustream! Listen as they interact with live viewers and discuss the Season 1 Finale "Omega" !

We want to extend a very special thanks to all our listeners for being so supportive of us all season long. You are the reason Echo Alert exists, and we look forward to continuing the show through the summer on a bi-weekly basis. Thanks for an amazing first season!


  • 0:00 - Greetings
  • 02:06 - Echo Alert News
  • 03:09 - Dollhouse News
  • 04:54 - "Omega" Episode Recap
  • 1:14:21 - Listener Feedback

[Length: 1:33:58]
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