Monday, February 28, 2011

Echo Alert [MP3]: Episode 38 - Challenge Accepted

Faith and Frank issue a challenge to Dollhouse fans everywhere: let's all rewatch both seasons over the next 4 weeks just in time for the release of the Dollhouse comic book from Dark Horse Comics! Listen for details on how you can get involved and be featured on our site!

Watch along with us!
Week 1: Watch up to 1x06 "Man on the Street" by March 6
Week 2: Watch up to 1x13 "Epitaph One" by March 13
Week 3: Watch up to 2x06 "The Left Hand" by March 20
Week 4: Watch up to 2x13 "Epitaph Two" by March 27

Share feedback on your rewatch to be featured on our blog!

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