Friday, February 27, 2009

"Stage Fright" Airs Tonight!

Episode 1.03 "Stage Fright" airs tonight! After it airs, send us your comments via email , voicemail (206-202-0837), Twitter, and the forums. We'd love to hear what you liked about the episode, what you didn't like, and your theories about the future. And remember, if you can't watch the episode live tonight, be sure to record it or catch it on Hulu or iTunes. We'll be recording this weekend and hope to have the podcast up by Monday!

Episode Description:
Echo provides protection to a pop star by becoming her backup singer. Ballard's investigation, meanwhile, takes a wrong turn that may prove dangerous; and Lubov has a secret. Jaime Lee Kirchner: Rayna Russell. Cloie Wyatt Taylor: Chantal. Graham Norris: The Fan.

Airs: 27th February 2009
Source: SpoilerTV


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